Shanty gig highlights

Thanks for a wonderful solo Crab Shanty gig this past Saturday. As an experiment I played my electric for the gig and though it took a little getting used to finger-picking it, it was pretty cool and provided a unique vibe for the show.

Thanks to the friends and family that came out, including an ol’ buddy who now lives in Nashville and his folks – neat historical tidbit – I performed at their wedding reception 7 years ago this week. Happy Anniversary Den and Rita!

Playing to a familiar and receptive crowd allowed me to play mostly original tunes with just a few fun covers splashed in, which is always a treat.

Highlights included:

Gig-testing a bunch of new material – “Momma’s Touch”, “Sunny A.M”, “More of Less”, “Vacancy Signs”, “Tea with Einstein”, and “Miner’s Lament”,

Playing songs I’ve released on CD – “Get You”, “Mountain Trail” (for Kim!), “Brainchild”, “Jebediah”, “Mindy” (for Joe!), “New Umbrella”, “Bohemian” (for Juan!), “Day to Day”, “Drop these Blues” (For Jonny!), and the rarities “Hill House” and “Prisoner’s Escape”,

Dusting off my old band Old King Cole’s songs “Greener” and “Through my Blood” (For McMullin, who sound-engineered for OKC ten years ago!),

And having some fun with a blue-grass “Come Together” (The Beatles) and a rockin’ “Character Zero” (Phish)…

I wrapped up 2 long sets with my raucous “Irish Drinking Song” and my rarely performed Celtic-inspired guitar composition in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.


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