4/2 gig recap

Saturday’s Crab Shanty gig was great. Special thanks to everyone who came out!

I mixed things up by performing all new cover songs*, which was a great challenge for me to keep the gig exciting and maintain my focus and intensity (which is sometimes tough for a 3-hour solo gig). I carefully planned out three 50 minute sets (with breaks to catch highlights of the Final 4) with a blend of originals and first-time covers, including:

Billy Joel’s “Just the way you are” and “Still Rock and Roll to me” (with Greg on guest vocals), Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on”, The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”, “Can’t buy my love”, and “Hey Jude”, Jim Croce’s “Bad bad Leroy Brown”, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, Queen’s “Another one bites the dust”, Clapton’s “Change the World”, Glen Hansard’s “Falling Slowly” (with Ashley on guest vocals), and, the first set closer and personal highlight, Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful World”.

It was an exhausting but satisfying gig – I’ll keep trying to put on interesting shows as long as I have an audience – thanks for supporting Local Live Music.



*Disclaimer (lest you give me undue credit): I do “cheat” with lyric / chord sheets so its not like I memorized a dozen new cover songs, which would be a feat… I joked early in the show that “Tonight is not so much a test of musical skill as it is a test of my eyesight”.

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