I am first and foremost a very blessed family man…

… But I still make time to scratch my music itch. I write songs to figure out my thoughts, play with ideas, and communicate. I play music for the thrill, challenge, fun, serenity, and the shared experience.

Please give a listen – I hope you enjoy! Lend your support by sharing with a friend, swinging out to the next show, helping me book a performance, or (of course!) buying some music.

~Thanks and Peace~

Garrett Anderson is passionate about sharing songs that have the power to inspire, celebrate, heal and connect.  Since his first band with schoolmates back in 1998, he’s pursued this passion and honed the craft of joining words to music. He’s an adventurous and engaging performer, blending rich vocals with nuanced finger-style guitar, evoking artists like Paul Simon and Jack Johnson. His 2013 independent release “Baker’s Dozen” showcased his favorite home-studio tracks, described by ConnotationPress.com as having “a laid-back maturity and relaxed style that feels like warm soup on a snowy day.” In 2019, Anderson teamed up with producer JC3 to release “Dreams and Lives”, an album of ten new songs layering his songwriter instincts with world-class production for a sound that is fresh, yet familiar.  Anderson creates an intimate community with his fans through his social media and his “Live Atchya” podcast.  When not working on music, he likes to get outdoors with his family and pets or travel to visit family and friends.  Visit www.GarrettAndersonMusic.com to learn more.

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