I am first and foremost a very blessed family man…

… But I still make time to scratch my music itch. I write songs to figure out my thoughts, play with ideas, and communicate. I play music for the thrill, challenge, fun, serenity, and the shared experience.

Please give a listen – I hope you enjoy! Lend your support by sharing with a friend, swinging out to the next show, helping me book a performance, or (of course!) buying some music.

~Thanks and Peace~

Bio (Short)
Anderson’s original lyrics get souls churning over his toe-tapping soul-folk blend. A veteran of the Baltimore regional music scene, he has released three solo albums since 2008 and a solo-live compilation. Anderson is proud to release Baker’s Dozen, a re-mastered compilation of his best studio tracks, in the fall of 2013, available to stream and purchase via http://www.GarrettAndersonMusic.com

Biography (Long)
Through a multitude of bands, collaborations, solo projects, and hundreds of performances, Anderson has become an utterly captivating performer, delighting in the seemingly effortless execution of catchy melodies and robust guitar work while taking pride in connecting to his audience with his inquisitive and compassionate lyrics.

His sound recalls the nuanced delivery of Joshua James and Amos Lee combined with the adventurous musical spirit of Martin Sexton. Anderson has been fortunate to open for such unparalleled talents as Zach Deputy, Braddigan (from Dispatch), and The Bridge.

ConotationPress.com declares about Anderson and his sound, “He’s got a laid-back maturity and relaxed style that feels like warm soup on a snowy day. It’s comfort music, sometimes funny, sometimes pulling on your heart-strings. Anderson seems focused on including and keeping his audience involved on a very personal level. I often feel like I’m being whispered an important secret while listening to his music.”

His solo albums, 2008’s Portraits of the Young Man as an Artist (a playful twist on the title of the James Joyce book), 2009’s Great Unknown, and 2011’s Within and Around were well received by friends and fans and garnered praise from the broader music community. Bmore Live called Portraits… “an intensely-heartfelt collection of tales that is delivered with an agile wit and a late night strum.”

Sunset in the Rearview called Within and Around “one of the best indie projects I have heard in a very, very long time…Anderson kind of sounds like the lovechild of The Head and the Heart and Ben Harper…[with] masterfully laidback guitar and the twangy pipes of a folk star.”

Anderson also released a solo-live album called Then and There in 2011 as a free digital download, providing a genuine glimpse into his talents as a live performer. He is proud to be releasing a re-mastered compilation of his favorite studio tracks as Baker’s Dozen in the fall of 2013.

Keep up with Anderson at http://www.GarrettAndersonMusic.com

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