(Brian Shupe, owner, The 8×10) 
These days it is refreshing to find a singer-songwriter who understands the business and sees the benefit in promoting themselves and working to sell tickets rather than being the aloof artist that just expects an audience to materialize. And to find someone who understands and whose music is worth showcasing?

Definitely worth working with an artist like that; an artist like Garrett Anderson.

(Sunset in the Rearview)

I have a legitimate apology to offer you guys–I’m sorry for not posting enough Garrett Anderson. I haven’t posted any new music from him since “Lonely Eve,” and in doing so have been keeping some really, really amazing music from you guys.

Let me be very clear here–Garrett’s most recent album, Within and Around, is one of the best indie projects I have heard in a very, very long time. Garrett’s voice tells a beautiful story in every song, and combined with his guitar, puts a gripping spell on the listener and really pulls you in. Anderson kind of sounds like the lovechild of The Head and the Heart and Ben Harper, and he has a truly incredible voice.

When you listen to Garrett, you feel like you’re sitting around a bonfire listening to your buddy play guitar and sing–if only your buddy played a masterfully laidback guitar and had the twangy pipes of a folk star.

Within and Around is a wonderful mix of beautiful songs that simply cannot be passed up–do not let yourself miss this guy, he’s too damn good… head over to Garrett’s bandcamp to download the whole album–support good music. Might be the some of the best-spent 12 bucks you’ll ever spend.

(Ken Robidoux – editor in chief Connotation Press).

One of the best parts of my job is that I get turned on to so many talented young artists, so when my friend Kevin O’Sullivan suggested I give his nephew Garrett Anderson a listen I was all ears. Garrett is a Baltimore, Maryland native and has just released his second CD, Great Unknown. It’s an eclectic collection of narrative ballads, light-jazz bop, and traditional rhythms with just a hint of Appalachia creeping in around the edges. Great Unknown is a clean, enjoyable sophomore effort, a follow up to Anderson’s first CD, Portraits of the Young Man as an Artist.

I love Garrett’s sound. He’s got a laid-back maturity and relaxed style that feels like warm soup on a snowy day. It’s comfort music. Sometimes funny, sometimes pulling on your heart-strings, Anderson seems focused on including and keeping his audience involved on a very personal level. I often feel like I’m being whispered an important secret while listening to his music.

We are thrilled to bring you Garrett Anderson from his new CD Great Unknown. Enjoy!

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